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Terri Barnwell, Mission Sunday Guest Speaker

Barnwell and Kim Heyward, Director of Mission Ministry

Sister Barnwell related The Missionary Recipe to the congregation.  She her explanation below in the images.

Terri Barnwell a native of Upstate New York is the daughter of the late Rev. E. A. Stallworth and Gwendolyn Moore-Stallworth. Mrs. Barnwell has worked and formed alliances within the holistic wellness and literary communities for over three decades in which the Maat Foundation was created, to initiate a collaborative inspired solution to the challenges of health, economic disparity, and violence that has plagued the African American community. In 1990, Mrs. Barnwell partnered with a Coalition for a Better Life formed in Cleveland Ohio comprised of religious and community leaders to combat the social pathology of urban warfare fueled by substance abuse and violence. This affiliation initiated an offer and opportunity to become a contributing editor of the Buffalo Challenger newspaper lending her literary voice to the negative stereotypical images displayed and the disinformation propagated causing severe injury to the African American community that still plagued us to this day.

In 1994 Mrs. Barnwell partnered with Bert Lockett of Khametic Ascendants a production company providing a platform for the literary community, to help them facilitate the cultural, social, and religious upliftment of the African American Community. Mrs. Barnwell being educated in Health Science, and extracting from her knowledge base founded Senaa’ Organic Skincare in 2009, which also lead to her studying in 2011 under the leadership of  Dr. Maxwell Nartney the creator and founder of Symptometry, a study of root cause illness from a quantum physics perspective.


As of recent, Mrs. Barnwell has partnered with Dr. Lamar Price to further serve the African American community. Having a passion for holistic health she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health and Nutrition. Terri currently co-hosts the Body and Soul Radio show, a weekly broadcast with her husband Rev. Terry Barnwell as they discuss wellness and spirituality of the Mind,
Body and Soul.

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